Message from Director of Cebior

Nearly 2 decades establishment of Center for Biomedical Research (Cebior), we have achieved a lot of development and progress. It grew from a small number of dedicated people supplied with very simple instruments to work with. We are so pleased to show our research and its publication in various journals and conferences so far, and notably we applaud the establishment of the first Master Program on Genetic Counseling in South East Asia based on the availability of this center. 

Many of our students and staffs have done their research and training in this center. Collaborations with many centers in overseas for research and education have produced some PhDs and international publications. Moreover, many patients especially with genetic diseases have been helped for their diagnosis and management with the most prominent results in the study of intellectual disability and disorders of sex development. We do hope that there will be more results of innovation in the near future to attain our mission to be a research university.

We would like to convey our gratitude to the Rector, Director of National Diponegoro Hospital (RSND) and Dr. Kariadi Hospital, as well as to the former and current Deans and vice Deans of Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University for their supports and encouragements. We really appreciate their assistances for utilizing this center.

We are also very grateful to the late Prof. Dr. dr. R. Djokomoeljanto, SpPD-KEMD, a former Cebior director for his everlasting advices, Prof. Ben Hamel and Dr. Helger Yntema (Radboud University Nijmegen); Dr. Erik Sistermans and Dr. Gerard Pals (VU University Amsterdam) for their continuous contributions in the laboratory establishment, education, and capacity building. Many colleagues from overseas have contributed their skills and thoughts in the development and progress of our center and staffs, our appreciation also goes to Prof. Stenvert Drop (Erasmus University), Prof. Randi Hagerman, Prof. Paul Hagerman (University of California, Davis), Prof. Andrew Sinclair (MCRI/University of Melbourne), Prof. Frans Cremers, Dr. Ineke van der Burgt, Prof. Hans van Bokhoven (Radboud University Nijmegen), and Dr. Dimitra Micha (VU University Amsterdam). Lastly, we would like to thank all of the Cebior staffs for working together for the sake of Cebior and our future young generations. The Cebior development would be impossible without their supports. May the coming decade, CEBIOR will be filled with other precious achievements.